vusi khumalo follow your dream

"Top whack South African percussionist who played on 'Graceland'...Against the odds, Khumalo achieves something more interesting than his Graceland work here. Recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios, 'Follow Your Dream' creates an inventive modern music which mixes soul, jazz and African styles...South Africa has long been a source of world class musicians, and Khumalo is a worthy addition to their number. ****" Q Magazine, August '98 Known around the world for his work on Paul Simon's seminal Graceland album, drummer and composer Vusi Khumalo is one of South Africa's most accomplished musicians. His debut album for M.E.L.T.2000, Follow Your Dreams (BW093) is all about hope. "This music represents a lifetime commitment to the creativity we strive for... So many things just fell into place in putting this album together, as if by divine intervention. How can I not believe in dreams?" 

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